Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Pwoject Time!"

I thought it would be fun to do a post about Dylan and his projects or as Dylan puts it, "pwojects". Everyday while Sydney is sleeping Dylan and I have a set schedule. We have school for an hour, we then set an alarm for him to have quiet time in his room for an hour, and if he's been good, he gets to do a project with me until Syd wakes up. These projects usually consist of painting, cutting and pasting, baking, making noise makers, etc. But sometimes when I get really creative we do something different. Here are just a few:
Shaving Cream Art. This is a really fun project to do, expecially if the kids haven't had baths yet. The picture that comes from this project is below on the bottom right. (Sydney decided to wake up and join us with this one)Dylan's favorite thing to cut out and glue are pirate ships. He does most of the cutting while I tell him where everything needs to be glued.
Dylan insists that his yarn basket be our new fruit basket. Lucky me!
Oh, and on the right is the Shaving Cream art. Pretty cool eh?
This was a mosaic that I made for my room. It took a few days to complete and Dylan was very helpful. We both worked on it everyday together. He wants to make one for his room soon, I just need to come up with an idea.
This is the art I have hanging dowstairs. I am such a proud mama! Look at his car on the left? He is so good! And the pic on the right was his first (and last) heart. The one on top was another shaving cream one. (We really like doing those, can you tell?)We made this for daddy for Fathers Day this year. We haven't decided between our two titles yet, "Your heart is in our hands", or "We hold you in our Hearts".
After all of Dylan's recent flying to California, he whined everyday that he wanted to fly again. So, we decided to make him his very own special plane. As ugly as this thing is, he LOVES it. He runs around in it almost everyday. I have to toot my own horn right now because what you don't see is that inside his box there are handles (strings) that when pulled, flaps the wings. Its pretty rockin I don't mess around people!
Of course we do the cereal necklaces. Dylan likes to make this so that he can eat all day without having to ask me. Smart boy!


coco said...

DD looks so old in the cereal necklace pic! I love all your artwork. The schedule with Dylan while CC sleeps sounds so fun. Come teach my class so I can play preschool with Dylan

Ange said...

I loved reading your blog and catching up. Motherhood defined is hilarious on Oprah. Check out this book, I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile. I support you and I love your honesty. We will have to buy some shaving cream and decorate some boxes this week cute girl. We send our love.

g-ma-ma said...

Can I come do a pwoject too???