Sunday, October 18, 2009

More Saturday Morning Family Fun!

Every Saturday morning we like to find something fun to do as a family. Usually it is something that is going on in town, this week it happened to be a safety fair at home depot. We thought we would give it a try and it was so worth it. They had all of the emergency vehicles lined up in front of the store. They even a helicopter, which neither of us had ever seen up close. They also had Smokey the bear, a bouncy house, a workstation to build, food, and face painting. We spent a couple hours checking it out.

Sydney and Dylan were both hesitant to hug Smokey. Sydney just stood and stared for about five minutes. Once we left him, every now and again we would look down and Syd was walking back towards Smokey to check him out. It was cute.
This was a dream come true for Dylan. He was not only able to touch the helicopter, but sit in the captains seat, touch all of the dials, and see it take off when it was time.
Daddy's height is ALWAYS good for something!Here is Dylan holding up his finished project that he built, it is a fire station piggy bank. This was the before shot......and this was the after! Spiderman is not supposed to be scary is he? Where did my DD go?


Jacki said...

I love that picture of Sydney just staring at Smokey. I also love Dylan's apron. Do they sell those?

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun. I can't wait to do all that stuff with Rocket!

You are such an amazing mother, Britney!!

Katie said...

you guys do so much fun stuff! i can't wait for lucas to be old enough to do fun activities and i really hope i'm a stay at home mom at that point so that i have time to do it all with him!

Jim Mount said...

Loved these pictures! What a great Saturday you had with the kids. You and Cam are great parents!!

Cameron said...

It is as she says it was.
There! See, I DO read and comment on your blog.
Love, Cameron

coco said...

Love it! You're kids crack me up