Friday, October 16, 2009


It's that time again!!!! Cameron runs a group twice a month for grandparents raising grandchildren. He started this program last year, and has since received funding from a few different doners so that the program will last a few more years. It is so exciting! He is so good at what he does! He started taking his group to a horse camp once a month where the kids and grandparents do horse therapy. This last week the kids and I decided to come a long for the ride since Syd has NEVER been on a horse. SO FUN!
Syd has no fear! You ask her to kiss someone, or some animal, and she goes in for it! I hope this doesn't last through puberty!
Dylan made friends quickly with two other boys (the sons of the owner). They were attached at the hip the entire evening. They had the greatest thickest southern accents, and they were all about mud and getting dirty. I love having Dylan getting down and dirty, that's what boys are supposed to do!You can't see it now, but that barrel is about to roll into a huge mud puddle, and Dylan was up to his knees in it. Ick! I was frustrated about the red clay that I would later have to scrub out of his pants, but I couldn't keep him from having so much fun!


coco said...

Syd is so cute kissing the beautiful horsey! Great pics. So why don't you want to protect Sydney's nogin? ; )

Cameron said...

They didn't have any helmets small enough, and she only was on it for a few minutes anyway. Isn't it cute how Dylan just squeezes and hugs her? I love it!