Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water Babies

Water is the element of choice in our family. When there is an option to do anything, and I mean anything, playing in the water is always the first choice. We have a pool on our deck, one in the yard, a slip and slide, a big bath tub, and the sprinklers. When we get board of those we head over to the water park of the Mount's or Silva's to swim. Sydney is a water baby for sure, she can't get enough! When the sprinklers are on she just tries to drink from it even though it is splashing in her face. It is hilarious that she just keeps going in for more. She cracks me up. Here is Dylan newest creation...(with a little help from his dad who is trying to break his child's neck). This lasted only a few minutes before I sadly had to stop it. There is only enough leniency that I can allow. He was gonna end up slamming his face in the ground, having a scar like Cameron has on his chin, or breaking his tailbone going down on his butt. I can't always be the "FUN" mom. Sorry kids, I'd prefer you to live well past 4, and not have stitches before your teenage years. (Oops, already lost that one.)


coco said...

That looks soooooo fun! You're such a mean mommy- how much did DD cry when you stopped it? ;o)
Has Syd tried it?

Britney said...

haha, he actually didn't mind too much since he had already suffered a few bruises. Syd tried it in the sense that when Dylan would go down he would knock her over and take her with him. It was way too dangerous...what you cant see is how steep the hill is that they are going down, so they would go really fast.

g-ma-ma said...

Hey guys --- I bought a slip & slide today, getting ready for your visit. But don't worry Britney, we have no hill in our backyard. (A different story at the lake house though :)