Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sydney sleeps!

Sydney is going to be 14 months this week and for the first time in about 11 months, she slept through the night! Can you believe it!? Ever since her seizures started and she was hospitalized her sleep has been WAY off. With all of the medicine adjustments, I just was never able to let her cry it out because it seemed like her little system was just in pain adjusting. So, I did what mothers do best and I comforted her...a little too much. There have been weeks where she would wake up every 45 minutes and would not fall back asleep unless I came in and rocked her. EVERY 45 MINUTES! I just felt so bad for her, and she knew it, I became a slave to her...and once I realized that I decided that this HAD to stop, especially since Cameron started working the 9am shift which forced me to get up in the mornings. So, this last week I decided once and for all, I was going to let her cry it out. It took one day, and two whole hours! But that night, after screaming for what seemed like an eternity, she slept all through the night, not once waking up and crying. This has continued, but unfortunatley, as it goes with two children, once one starts doing better, the other tends to fall back. Dylan has been sleeping with us and waking up the last few nights due to a fever. Ughh, but at least I haven't had to deal with both kids at night. Sydney wakes up at 6 which isn't my favorite, but I am so grateful that she is finally sleeping through the night. It makes a world of difference to have 7 straight hours of sleep without any interruptions. Hallelujah! Lets hope it sticks!


coco said...

Yeah Syd! Wow you rock for letting her cry it hard for you.

Jacki said...

A full night sleep is awesome! Jordyn has been sick the last couple of days and wakes up every 2 hours. It is not 45 minutes, but still I have been feeling like crap the last few days still. Oh what mothers do for their kiddies!

Katie said...

Oh man, I am so glad you are finally getting some sleep!! I hope it continues!