Saturday, June 13, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!

I am 27! I am getting so old, it is crazy! I am officially half the age of my mother, and that is even crazier! 27 years ago, yetserday, she had me, her 5th kid. That is nuts! I have two kids and I can barely handle that, I can't even imagine having 5. Wow, she is amazing or crazy, not sure which. Really though, 27 is different for me. My sister says that I am going through some sort of quarter life crisis, and I must say, I think I agree with her. I feel like I am finding my true identity, discovering my true desires, and actually going for it all. I can't explain it, but I am having a lot of fun figuring out what I am all about. I cut my hair, I am getting all sassy and playing with my talents, I am getting excited about school again, etc. It is so much fun, and I totally understand why they say that thirty is the best ever. I am so on my way to 30 and I can't wait to have it all figured out (if that really even exists)!

So anyway, my day started off great. I woke up to Cameron doing the dishes, asking me if I wanted breakfast (to which my response was no...breakfast=no bueno), and walking me downstairs to give me the most thoughtful gift. He had bought me some painting supplies, a learning cd, and an easel. I have been on this creative kick lately and he has been observing and seeing that creating actually calms me and makes me happy. So, he gave me this gift of course with the sweetest thought saying, "I will watch the kids anytime you want to come downstairs and take a break to paint". So sweet! He also made me an awesome music mix which I LOVE, and he let Dylan pick out a gift for me which ended up being the Cinderella princess pez. Dylan told me I was a "pretty princess". I love my boys, what more can I say?

After Cam went off to work I dropped the kids off with Grandma Maria and went with my girlfriends to lunch. We ate and shopped around, and I even was able to weasel my way into a free cold stone ice cream since it was my b-day. I still got it, even at 27!! That made my day! There is nothing better than feeling old and having a young kid think you are hot stuff. Well, there are better things, but lets admit it, that feels pretty dang good! :)

We ended the day by going to a friends house and hanging out all night playing. There is nothing better than hanging out with your close friends, I love them! The next morning (since it was a sat), Cameron let me sleep in and he made my favorite fruit crepes for brunch. YUMM! He wanted me to have a birthday week, so he has been doing everything and giving me little treats and breaks all week long. He is the man!

All in all, I had a spectacular birthday. I have to say though, and this will come as a surprise to Cameron, but my favorite part happened right as we were about to fall asleep. We had gotten home pretty late, we had climbed into bed, and just as both of us were about to pass out I said quietly, "love you honey, you're the best". Cameron responded back in a muffled and almost silent voice, "love you too baby, you're the better". We usually say things like this as we go to bed, but it really stood out for me last night and brought tears to my eyes because after 27 years, and almost 8 years of marriage, I truly have it all. I am the happiest that I have ever been, and I am so in love with my husband and my life (even though I am the first to admit how hard it is). I am so blessed, and so grateful for all that I have. 27 rocks! :)


T-Ray said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a great day! I'm glad, You deserve it.

Katie said...

Awww, you and Cameron are so cute. I look up to you guys so much! :) I love how romantic you guys are and how much you TRY! Sometimes it's really hard and a lot easier to just do nothing!

coco said...

I love your birthday blog. Your gratitude really touched me. It is great to have people in your life who love life and are so grateful for it! I agree with Katie- you and Cameron are so cute! You are so lucky to have each other :o)

Britney said...

Awww, you guys are sweet :). It's hard not to have gratitude and love life when you are married to the most fantastic man on the planet! :)