Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dylan quotes of the week

1) Dylan has become obsessed with princesses thanks to hanging out with his cousins and their friends. He recently began watching Barbie princess movies and of course, the Disney princess movies. Right now he is liking Sleeping Beauty and when he wants to watch it he begs in the cutest voice, "Mommy, I wanna watch the sleeping booty movie, I like sleeping booty". It's so stinking cute.

2) At night when Dylan is going to bed, he will find any excuse to come out of his room. He wants a drink, he "can't hear anything" meaning he wants his music turned on, his animals are scaring him and he wants me to cover their eyes, and most recently he has "big boogies". He will seriously walk out of his room with an arm held out and a boogie on his finger saying, "Mommy, I have a big boogie for you". He refuses to throw it in the trash and so he puts it on my finger and proudly walks back to his room. Disgusting! I guess we can't complain since he isn't eating it right?

3) At nighttime Dylan is always asking for his "Dark Vader pajamas", daddy is so proud!

4) Lastly, here is a video of him talking on the phone. He is pretty funny to watch, and he'll seriously talk for an hour if you let him. Here he is talking to Coco:


coco said...

Love this kid! "Santa goes to church and waits for me to eat lunch and sit on him and get a candy." What didn't get recorded is that "santa had to leave church today because he had to go home and take a shower- but he's gonna come back again." CLASSIC--I will be calling Dylan soon for more made up stories!

g-ma-ma said...

I love his stories. I have even dreamed about one or two of them. He is as random as his Auntie Shar Shar :)