Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Cameron!

Cameron celebrated his 31st birthday last week, and after sleeping in he was able to go relax outside in the hammock with D. I can't believe how old we are getting, I still remember when MY parents were that young, CRAZY!

Cameron finally got some new work clothes, (HE LOOKS SOOOO GOOD IN THEM), and the new Eminem album (which is pretty gnarly, but really good). This year there were no singing telegrams, but his workers surprised Cameron and took us both out to lunch, it was so sweet. We also celebrated of course with friends and a night of aweful dancing and karaoke. It was awesome, especially the Ice Ice Baby sinfg off! Cameron was definitely in his element, and enjoyed the festivities. He even took the guys out to show them his new rip board that his parents got him, (kind of like a skate board but on 2 wheels and with a different design). This is his new favorite toy, lets hope he doesn't break his legs on it.

Happy Birthday CAM! LOVE YOU!


coco said...

Is Cameron on the phone while D is "maken?"

T-Ray said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON!! Hope it was the best day ever!

Britney said...

I know, I try to keep his pants on I swear, but he is just like his daddy with the thought that nude is always better! Ughh, and can he stop pulling his pants down and peeing everywhere!

g-ma-ma said...

Sounds like the perfect Cameron day!!