Sunday, June 21, 2009

Atlanta Midsummer Music Fest

We took the kids into Atlanta last night for the Atlanta Midsummer Music Festival. It was free in the park and had kids activities, booths, and best of all, free concerts! Rusted Root played, (which we saw at the House of Blues in LA years ago), and Guster was there too. It was super fun, and the kids had a blast.

Sydney is looking more and more like me! Finally!Jordyn is Syds first friend. She is such a cutie pie. We love having such great friends nearby that we can get together with. Thanks for coming Andersons and Woods!Another day with daddy. What a lucky girl!

We saw this truck on the way to atlanta parked next to chikfil-a. We of course had to knock on the window and ask the driver if our son could touch thier truck. Dylan was exstatic! He was a little anoyed that the "gravedigger" was so dirty, but he touched in anyhow. Since when does my kid not like dirt?
This video is classic. At the park some people had brought these little balloons to let fly during the concert and to put it mildly, Dylan was OBSESSED. He would let a balloon go and chase it around running through blankets, knocking over beers, and even running over a pregnant lady. He was determined! (I was embarrassed!) The only reason we kept letting him do this was because the people all around us were very entertained. They were rooting him on and telling him where to go. It was pretty cute. In fact, Elaine you will love this, while we were leaving we ran in to some people who had sat next to us and no joke one of the women said, "oh there goes that fun family, we watched you guys for were having so much fun!" I love it. We no longer are the "fun couple", but the "fun family". WOOT!

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Katie said...

Not even kidding, you guys make me want to be more fun. I seriously think about you guys and get a little less lazy instantly! I just want to do all the fun things and laugh as much as you guys do. You rock!