Friday, May 1, 2009

Katie, Hani, and Lucus - Day 1

The AbuGhazaleh's finally made it out to Georgia! I can't believe it! We were lucky enough to have them for four days before they went to visit their other friends in Birmingham Alabama. We had so much fun, in fact we took so many great pictures that I have decided to post a blog for each day in order for my book to read better ( is the site to do this...for those that have asked).
Ok, so on day one, we thought it would be fun to just hang out in town and relax since the Abu's had spent a day traveling and needed a break. We went to the lake to feed and chase the ducks and then we headed over to Jumpin Joeys for some inflatable fun. Katie and Hani agreed with me that the adults probably have more fun\ than kids. Can't we all just be 5 again?

We had so much fun relaxing at the lake, it is so peaceful, and its right in the heart of our city. I love it! Remind me though to NEVER get a slush drink from Sonic again. It was terrible!

Ok, I love this picture! I love Katie! I so wish that we could live close together one day...don't think we aren't pushing them to move to Nashville...they would LOVE it out there!Could he seriously be any cuter? Common, admit it, he is the cutest kid on the planet. Oh and he's got the cutest munchkin voice to even further the evidence. I LOVE HIM!

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g-ma-ma said...

I have a picture of Jason bent down face to face with a goose....very cute!!!!