Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Syd speaks!

The last few days Sydney has officially become a girl, as she NEVER keeps quiet. She started talking a lot this week as we were reading books at night, and now she just flips through seeming as though she is telling herself a story. I just had to share it because we were getting worried there since she never babbled much. She still says "dadda" or "daddy" but that is it for now...at least she is making an effort though!



g-ma-ma said...

Amazing -- I love it!! Thanks for posting that --- really adorable!!!

coco said...

So cute! I love her voice!

Jacki said...

Ok she is totally reading you that book! Awesome!

We have to get together at the pool the next time the weather isn't crappy!

Katie said...

So cute! Baby Babbles are the best!