Friday, May 1, 2009

Katie, Hani, and Lucus - Day 3

Our last adventure with the AbuGhazaleh's was by far the most eventful. We went to the Wild Animal Safari (much like the one in San Diego, but better, much more rustic and ghetto). It was so much fun getting up close and personal with so many different animals. It was awesome!

We rented a ghetto van so that our car wouldn't get destroyed with dents and slobber. The amount of slobber that came out of the mouths of these animals was so was thick and slimy, and oh man did it smell. I am so glad I did not drive my own car.Here is one of my favorite shots, the zebras were my favorites. Their teeth are hilarious!Sydney enjoyed petting and staring at the animals. She wasn't scared and she didn't really have much of a reaction. She did however sit still, which we all know means something right?

Here was one of our favorite cows. he reminded me of the "Heathen Coos" in Scotland. He had a mouth full of drool, and from my reation you can tell that I wasn't quite ready for it. It felt like a cup of water spilled on my pants. EWWW!

This giraffe was so tall. It was so fun seeing them lean into the car and tounge everything. Syd sure enjoyed it.

Once Cameron started feeding the animals with his mouth, surley I had to show my bravery and do the same. I don't know what it is but he unleashes the inner child in me (as if i need help doing that). I love it! I would have never even thought to do this before him. I must say though, that I didn't get tounge in my mouth which is more than I can say for him. Yuck!

Dylan LOVED feeding and touching the animals. He was quite fearless at first, but I think after hearing all or our screams (from the drool) he got a bit scared and started throwing the food on the ground.

After driving through the park there was a little zoo that we went to. they had a Liger, Heina, Kangaroos, monkeys, and a few others. It was fun. Dylan and Cameron actually spotted someone transferring a boa constrictor and asked to pet can imagine Katie and I didn't hang around for that.

It was an awesome day, and we will definitely be going back again, it is by far my favorite thing to do in GA thus far.


Cameron said...

dude, awesome post. I can't look at those pictures without smelling what it was like, and hearing our screeching laughter. I love that place, and I love you for being willing to tongue the animals just like I did. Don't act like you didn't like it.

g-ma-ma said...

Wow!!!! That looks just a little many people lose noses, fingers, or.....tongues?
I want to go there :)