Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Syds first word!

I forgot to post that about a month ago, 3/30/09 to be exact, Sydney had her first word. I woke up one morning to have Cameron come show me the video of Syd talking. Go figure, I am with Syd everyday all day, and Cameron happens to be there for her first word during the three hours he sees her. Are you kidding?

Its a bit hard to hear in the video, but she says it really well these days. When shes sad she looks at Cameron and just says "Daddy" over and over again, it is so sweet. What a cute little daddy's girl. I can't believe that was her first word...so hard!


coco said...

Oh my gosh the pic of Syd walking in the kitchen in that adorable dress is so perfect....it totally captures her personality. Great video, I can't wait to see her and hear her cute words. Oh, I have a question, why is your blog different now? I can't access your old posts and you don't have the information on the sides anymore. What happened? Oh, and when are you coming out to CA? I'd love to help you with your kids if I'm here!!

Britney said...

Hummm...I don't know what is going on with the blog. When I post it is all there, but your mom said that sometimes it does that for her. Strange. Does it do that everytime? I wonder if the site has just been having problems lately.

Oh, and August is when we would come...but you might not be there right? We haven't figured it out yet.

g-ma-ma said...

I'm sure Heidi can commiserate with you about the "daddy" thing. Casey is funny with his reaction to Jason's voice. The men have all the fun, huh?

heidimount said...


Such a fun blog! The pictures and videos are darling, looks like you all had a great time with Katie and Hani and Lucas! Our favorite Georgian experience so far has been the safari, wish we would have seen Dylan and Sydney's reaction to the animals! We must go again, together!