Thursday, May 28, 2009

Faith and Answers

I had a neat experience this week and I wanted to share it, and have it for my journal. In our church we pay tithes and offerings. This comes straight out of the Bible, (not just the Book of Mormon), and we are asked to pay ten percent of our income. (I only explain this because I know there are many skeptics out there.) The money that we give helps build temples, churches, and most importantly it helps with humanitarian aid across the world. It does not however pay the church bishop or other positions in the church.
For me, paying this 10 percent has never been a struggle. I have always thought of it as just another bill that I owe monthly, and that it really is not an option for me to pay. I think I just look at all that I have and I can't really argue not giving a little bit away to help those in need. So anyway, this month was the first time in a long time where I looked at our budget and everything and realized that we just couldn't make the payment. I have such an awful feeling when this happens, so we have been praying and picking up extra jobs here and there to try and raise the money that we needed to pay, but we were coming up short. After about two weeks of doing everything and I mean everything, (I have been cleaning houses in the morning, helping out a friend almost everyday last week, and making things to sell on ebay) I stopped really worrying about it because I knew that with my faith, and the fact that I was doing all I could, God would provide (I mean lets face it, I have finally been going back to church , I knew I would be blessed! haha, have I not been saying this for weeks? :) So, I received a call from Cameron yesterday saying "you won't believe it, but the CEO's had a meeting today and decided that we are all getting a $500 bonus this month". If you know Cameron's job, they absolutely NEVER gives bonuses, not even anything during Christmas, but randomly they decided this year, this month, to give every employee this bonus. Is that not unbelievable!? I love when things like this happen, it just reminds me that I am being looked after and that I really can't ever lose faith and sight of what is important. LOVE IT!


Katie said...

That is awesome Britney! Your faith inspires me! God is good! :)

coco said...

great story- thanks for posting!

g-ma-ma said...

I love guys are the best and I love this blog!!!