Monday, May 18, 2009

Family Day!

Dylan was a bit freaked out by this giant cow, he was scared to take the pic because he didn't want to turn his back to him. Daddy and D having an ice cream taste test . (There was no real winner since they are so different and each can be a craving depending on the weather...the Chick-fil-a Ice dream cone being the best for those super hot days)
Cameron recently lost his weekend job which makes things financially a bit harder on us, but also creates more time for family fun! We have been really taking advantage of his Saturdays now, since we aren't sure how long this will last. This week Cameron decided to sell his Wii in order to buy a PS3 (I am so excited! *sarcasm*) So, we drove out to Atlanta to meet up with someone that we found on craigslist to make the transaction. While we were in town we decided to make the best of it. We went to the big mall in town, where we met the Chick-fil-a cow and decided to do a taste test between dairy queen and Chick-fil-a ice cream cones. We then decided to go to Centennial Olympic Park and let the kids run around in the water fountains. They had so much fun despite the cold. Here is Syd all "maken" and her poor little herniated belly button is sticking out (I think we are going to have to have surgery on that next year :( ). Next time we will wear our bathing suits!


g-ma-ma said...

It is Chick-fil-a (?) all the their cones!!!! Cute cute pictures of the park and the cow!!! What a fun family--the fun couple has become the fun family!!!

joyiseverywhere said...

Hey! We have a PS3! Cameron should add us as friends so we can play online together!

Katie said...

Awww, family day looks so fun! Ice cream and running through fountains? What could be better?!