Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mayfest In Carrollton

Every year our city has a little festival in the historic square. This year Dylan couldn't get enough of the police officers and firemen in uniform. He would never have left if it hadn't been for the rain. He loved talking to the officers and checking out their cool rides, especially when he got to sit up front with the crew.This was Dylan's second time on a pony ride, and by the looks of it he was just a little underwhelmed, he just wanted to go see the firetruck again. What a boy. I will keep that 5 bucks next time! :)


g-ma-ma said...

Who wants a slow pony when you can have a screaming fire engine or a vroom motorcylce? Did he get excited when he got to "tich" them?

Britney said...

haha, you know it! He was so mad that he couldn't ride the motor cycle, maybe next year! :)

Katie said...

So cute! Too bad you weren't in SB the last few weeks. He could have seen MILLIONS of fire engines =/