Friday, May 1, 2009

Katie, Hani, and Lucus - Day 2

On day two of Katie and Hani's trip, we decided to venture out into Atlanta. We decided to stay away from the ultra touristy expensive places, and do some other low key activities. The first place we went to was The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Hindu Temple. It opened up earlier this year and I had been dying to check it out. It is the sixth BAPS traditional Hindu stone temple built outside of India. It is also the largest Hindu temple of its kind outside of India. It was one of the most amazing places I have ever been, with the most intricate deatail you can imagine. The inside was breathtaking (pictures were not allowed of course).
We really ejoyed ourselves despite the fact that we had 3 children with us that we needed to keep quiet. At one point Dylan had to use the potty and I was horrified. For any of you potty training parents, this is your worst nightmare, (being at a sacred place as an outsider, and having no toilet within walking distance). I couldn't find a bathroom and I couldn't let Dylan go outside and go on the lawn of course (even if i let it dribble down his leg, there was no way to no defile this sacred place) don't judge me...this is what i did; I was in panic mode...I looked around corners trying to make sure nobody was around...I pushed Dylan into the corner in the shoe area where you leave shoes (it was deserted), and I luckily had found a cup in the trash. And yes, I did the unthinkable. If anyone, ANYONE, had seen me, it would have been the worst moment of my life. Luckily, Dylan did the deed quick enough and it was over. Whew...close call huh? I was so embarrassed, but so relieved Dylan didn't just pee inside the sanctuary. About an hour later, don't think that Dylan didn't yell from the top of the steps and say, "Mommy I just went peepee on the bench". I just wanted to die...can potty training be more difficult? Dylan is fine when there is a toilet nearby, but forget about it if it is not 2 minutes from when he decided he needs to go. Urgh! LOVE my life!

After the Hindu temple, I put a pull up on Dylan and we were off to our next destination which was Stone Mountain. This is the world's largest relief carving on the world's largest mass of exposed granite. The Confederate Memorial Carving depicts three Confederate leaders of the Civil War, President Jefferson Davis and Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson. This is a pic from down below before we went up on the mountain. Dylan and I had just run through some sprinklers, that is not sweat people. Check out that Atlanta Skyline! Love it! Bow-chika-bow-wow!Don't ask how many times that apple touched the mountain and still ended up in D's choose your battles right?
I love all of these pictures that Hani took. He is such an artist! The view from the Mountain was awesome, but dealing with my two kids (especially with an active three year old), not so much.
I will not be going back there anytime soon, but it was neat to see.

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Ange said...

incredible- I love the animal jurasic park like adventure and this Indian place is really cool, the history lessons will be retaught in later years through your blog book, right? Love it. Fun pics, girlfriend!