Saturday, January 1, 2011

West Virginia Christmas Vacation-Day 6

Busy Busy Day!
We started our day off going to the West Virginia campus gym with the rockin vortex pool that we had heard so much about. This gym is amazing, (even though the staff is kinda natzi about everything). Here are the girls getting ready. I wish I looked that cute in my swim suit
After swimming we decided to head out to a big hill in town and have one more run at sledding before the snow melted and we would have to go back to Ga. This place was fantastic! The hill was perfect, and the fact that my girls fell asleep in the car was even MORE perfect.

I Love Dylan's little snowsuit. It was once Maddie and Livvy's and now its his little snow bunny suit. Perfect for my boy! :)
Trudging up this hill was HARD work. Luckily only daddy had to do the work.
Happy boys!
Strike a pose!
What is wrong with my husband? A Unicorn? Really? He was so proud.
I wish Syd would have been awake for the fun, but as it was we had a fun date day with Dylan. He had a blast and keeps asking to go back.
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What were we thinking? Sorry Shar!

After getting home we decided to go out shopping for some last minute things. When we came home Sharka (the best babysitter on the planet) had all 8 kids asleep in their own beds. UNBELIEVABLE! I want her to move in with me. It was the perfect end to the perfect fun day!

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g-ma-ma said...

Cameron's unicorn looks kind of like Allan's gorilla :) The sledding looks like a blast!!!