Monday, January 31, 2011

Hush little baby...

It has been two of the longest weeks of my life, (and I can say that with zero hesitation). Coming off these meds is eqally as hard (if not harder), as getting on the meds. Withdrawals are TOUGH! And no tougher (for me anyway). After trying everything under the sun, we have found something that is working for Sydney (and myself). Melatonin, and a lazy boy recliner. (After much investigation and finally talking to a pediatric epileptologist (thanks Tim), we found that low doses of melatonin are safe, so we went ahead with it!) Sydney has slept 2 nights in a row without waking up at all! It is a miracle! I don't know if sleeping in the chair is all that great, but I am not messing with it as long as she sleeps. It has been a life saver.

We initially borrowed the chair because in the middle of the night I was having to rock Sydney to calm her down . When she would fall asleep in my arms I was unable to go back to sleep myself sitting in her bed. Heidi, my fabulous sister in law had the great idea to let me borrow her recliner so that I could lay back and sleep. I couldn't be more grateful! It has solved so many problems. I hope that this lasts! Between Sydney and Macey waking up, I have been averaging 3-4 hours a night. My house is a disaster, my patience is gone, and my moods are...not so good.

Please oh please make this stick! Here's to many more long nights of sound sleeping!

*Notice that Sydney is sleeping on her shoes. She can't go anywhere without her boots. She is a girls grl thats for sure!

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Ange said...

I am so grateful something is working. Hang in there adorable Mama! We miss you guys and hope to plan a trip to see you next year. I appreciate your tenacity because I would have almost given up by now. We send our love your way!