Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goodbye club MED!

It has been about three months since we began the weening process with Sydney. Yesterday was the first night that she went to sleep without any medications put into her system. Wahoo! I can't believe it! I know that there will be withdrawals (a friend of mine said that her daughter had them for about a month after taking her meds), but I am hopeful that they will be minor. Syd hasn't showed any huge signs of withdrawals other than a bit more of her usual whining, and the occasional night terrors. I am hoping it stays this way. Only time will tell, but for now I am just ecstatic that she has made it to this point seizure free. This is truly a blessing and we are so grateful. Thank you for all of the thoughts and prayers...keep them coming...we are in the home stretch!

Did I mention that Sydney slept through the night last night? She didn't wake up at 3am! It was a miracle! The even bigger miracle is that Macey woke up screaming and was up for about an hour and still, Sydney slept. I don't want to get my hopes up but I really really pray that this is a sign of what is to come. I think 2011 is gonna be great!

Just a few things I have noticed :
-Syd is putting more words together, and is noticeably trying to learn new words.
-Her memory skills have seemed to have advanced just in the last 2 months.
-Her social skills have gotten better (especially her eye contact, sharing, and empathy).
-Her balance is better although her spacial awareness is not (this is something I am watching closely). She still walks into walls sometimes for no reason and sometimes forgets that she is standing next to a book shelf and turns right into it and bonking her head or nose.
-She is more playful with her sister, and is showing a lot of love for her and her brother.
-She is making a lot of demands to her siblings and the dog (signs of a true three year old :)
-She peed in the potty! :)
-She plays by herself a lot more and doesn't need as much attention from Cameron or myself.
-She has started to understand pretend play.
-She can undress herself, and seems interested in what she looks like (awareness of self!). She likes putting on her hair pretties and cries for dresses and skirts. Awesome.

These are just a few things that I have noticed in the last couple of months. Some would say that it is just her usual development, others that it is a direct result of coming off the medications. Whatever it is, I am seeing a lot of change, and I am excited. Syd gets evaluated by the school system in a couple weeks since she is turning 3. The state turns her over to the school system for more special education and programs at 3. I am hoping that she qualifies for at least one of the 5 areas. I hear that these programs are incredible and I would love to get Syd caught up with her classmates before starting kindergarten in a couple years. I am hopeful that she will be able to do this, but realistic that her meds/seizures may have caused permanent damage. Only time will tell. Sydney is a beautiful, spunky kid and I know she will succeed in life no matter her challenges...she is a stubborn one! :) We will keep you posted on her progress.


janvan said...

Abby was evaluated by the school system back in April of 2010. She qualified for the speech therapy because of her hearing. She almost didnt make it!! They have been great to Abby and Syd will love the ladies that will come and work with her. They are all really nice. I'm glad they have programs like that to help us as parents out as well. I know the college at UWG has a clinic as well. The school system will only come see her two days a week and sometimes I feel like Abby needs a little more help than two days a week. So glad for you guys and happy that she is making progress. :)

coco said...

Oh I'm so happy!! I have told my mom when ever she has Syd and she calls me--she really has changed these past 2 months. Her song repertoire is huge. Just last night she stayed on the phone for about 20 minutes singing all her songs to me again!! (wheels on the bus, popcorn popping, my little buttercup, eieio, the itsy bitsy spider--oh I think that's my favorite right now!) Her memory has really increased lately huh? With that amount of improvement, it has got to be the weaning off of the meds and prayers!! Yea for CC! Good Girl :)