Friday, December 31, 2010

West Virginia Christmas Vacation-Day 5

Reagan scored some rockin tickets to a Mountaneers game, home of Jerry West. I would like to act as if I am related, but I haven't looked into it yet :) I am pretty sure there is some connection there. Who else would have givin me all my skills?
Anyway, we started the night off with a yummy italian dinner, followed by TCBY! Wahoo! The Curtis's are crazy and must not have known about my OCD about melted ice cream because they opted to leave the ice cream in the car (thinking and truly believing that it would not be melted when they got back. They were so wrong). Too bad they didn't heed the advice of the Mounts!

Moving on. As we raced in the freezing cold to get to to the game in time we spotted a check in the middle of the street while crossing. I ran back to get it facing death in the eye (you like the drama right?) Really though, the lights had changed and the cars were comin! The check belonged to one Rodney Stewart... we will come back to this story later...its a good one!

We throughourouly enjoyed the game, ooing and ahhing at the talent...
Michael was the best cheerleader in the gym!

Harrison was a gem! As always!

But, the one thing that kept my mind occupied was this:

By the end of the night Cameron was annoyed that I kept bringing it up, but really, look at this people. Who does this? Notice that rather than going both the the benches to sit, this coach has people bring chairs onto the floor for his game talk (between EVERY timeout and quarter). It is ridiculous if you ask me. It takes 2 minutes just to get everyone seated. Retarded! My mind would NOT let it go the entire night. Why would they do this? What is the strategy here? I came up with a few things but nothing that warrants it in my mind. It's a total punk Scater move (Cameron's UCLA coach). Anyhow, if you have ever seen this before let me know...I am super curious as to it's real purpose.

Ok now for the Rodney check story. When we got back to the car we decided that it would be a super nice thing to bring Rodney this check since Christmas was only a few days away. So in great Mount style we put the address into our GPS and went to his house. We walked up to the door and Christmas caroled in perfect Mount fashion to a complete stranger! It was awesome. The song went..."We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas and your lost refund check...are you Rodney?" When we got to this part the guy says, "oh no, I'm not Rodney..." It was hilarious and a perfect end to a prefect night. We never did get to the real Rodney's house but it has to count that we tried. That means something right? I love that only the Curtis's would have done this with us! Love you guys! (Does that mean we are all morons, or just super awesome?)

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