Thursday, January 6, 2011

West Virginia Christmas Vacation-Day 8

It's 6 am...let the festivities begin.

The kids waited upstairs until the adults could get their cameras ready for the big moment. Ready, set, go! (the video of this was great...the kids reactions are priceless!)
We hid the bikes around the corner until the kids had opened all of their stockings. What a surprise that was! Santa dropped off the box for Dylan's bike and left the bike at his house set up under the tree at home. Isn't he amazing!? He knew we wouldn't be able to fit it in our car!
I love Dylan's "wow' and "oh my gosh"s. His reactions are great. When he opened his PJ's on Christmas eve there were silly bands that were attached to it and he yelled, "this was all I really wanted for Christmas!". So cute but why did I buy so much when Silly bands could get that kid of reaction? Kids really don't need much do they to be happy? Amazing.
Sydney finally got the hang of opening stuff this year. She was ALL about it! It was fun watching her get excited to open and play with each and every thing.

Dylan got everything that he wanted. Spoiled? Maybe a little. That wasn't the plan, but we had a change of plans once we knew what Santa was bringing the Curtis's. The bike became a must! He also got the camera that he had been wanting for the last 6 months (its a kids digital camera so that he won't break mine :)
I would smile too if my daddy got a dancing game. Wahooo, a knect for the Playstation! Thanks to you (you know who you are) who got that for is really fun! What a big surprise that was!
It was a great day with lots of fun, and very yummy food. It was so sad to leave the Curtis's the following morning, but we were so glad to have shared Christmas break with them. The kids did great and it was a wonderful trip full of many memories. We can't wait to go back. Thanks Curtis's! You were amazing hosts and way too generous! We love you guys!
Dylan was sad to leave his best friend. He was SO good on this trip, it was amazing! He became a bit of a tattle tale but aside from that, he was so preoccupied with Charlotte the entire time. They played SO well together! Did I mention that on the trip up he brought a picture of Charlotte so that he could hold it and look at her on the way to her house? He loves her SO much. When the picture would fall he would cry that he couldn't see Charlotte anymore. So funny. He came home asking to put Charlotte pictures all over his walls. LOVE THIS KID!


coco said...

Macey is the most photogenic baby on the planet--I'm sad I don't know her :(

Blessings from a Recession said...

I love the Christmas pictures! Sounds like you had a great time! I can't wait to meet Macey!

g-ma-ma said...

What a fun day for all of you....nothing better than little kids on Christmas morning. I hope that I will always be able to be around wee ones at that time of year.