Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Alright, now let me just say, I know this is ONLY the beginning, but I am so excited!

Two nights ago while Cameron was snowed in at work and had to stay the night, I was putting Sydney to bed and she wouldn't stop crying. This is normal. What isn't normal is about 15 minutes later I hear her at her door crying, "change a diaper, potty, potty". She manipulates a lot at night crying anything from "hold you (hold me)", "lay down", "no doe doe doe (a song in her room)", "water please", "milk please", etc. This time though the fact that she brought potty into the scenario made my ears perk right up. I went in her room only to find that she has stripped herself down to her diaper and was asking, "change a diaper, go potty?" I tried putting her clothes back on (it was freezing in the house) and she just cried and screamed "NO!" I then walked her to the potty and she proceeded to actually pee in the potty. I couldn't believe it! She then allowed me without screaming to put her PJ's back on and she walked back into bed on her own. It was silent after that! SO EXCITING!

It has been two days since this and Syd likes to sit on the potty but will NOT go potty. UGH! We have the sticker chart up, the underwear bought...the countdown is ON! This was all very exciting and overwhelming to me and then get this, I walk into my 2 year old nephews house (just turned 2 mind you not 2 weeks ago), and he is sitting going POOP in the toilet. Aghh, could that be more frustrating!? Syd is turning 3 in 7 weeks and this 2 year old is potty training himself. Sheesh! Syd needs to live at aunt Heidi's house...she is definitely doing something right over there. :)

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