Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 Minutes

I am changing Sydney and mid diaper I hear a cake dish break on the ground in the kitchen, (it's a friends, not mine). Sydney and Macey scream and cry. I go running to find Dylan standing trying to take his pants off on top of the counter top (don't ask). He begins crying because he has gotten scared. I quickly clean it up when I realize that I need to dump out the trash real quick outside so as to clean up the rest of the glass. Sydney follows only to step in Marley's poop and walk it around inside without telling me. She then screams as she realizes she has something yucky on her foot. I clean it off her foot then proceed to clean the carpet. I see Marley cowering in the corner. She has peed on the floor (probably because she too was scared of the noise). I go to clean that up and I hear, "Mommy, Sydney peed in her bed". UGH! I forgot to put her diaper on! I go put her on the potty, strip her bed, and I hear Macey crying because Sydney is closing the door on her face...ouch. I put her in time out and go back to get Macey and she has taken all of the toilet paper off the roll and has a fist full of it in her mouth. Oh, and I almost forgot, I walked into the kitchen and Syd is standing in a pool of juice with her cup in hand. Fantastic!

All this in just 10 minutes...imagine what I deal with on a 24 hour basis. And they say this isn't a full time job.


Arizona Nielsens said...

I feel you. I've had a similar day. Hopefully the rest of it goes better for you!

Danny and Veronica said...

Seriously!! We should be getting PAID for this-lol!

Ange said...

Comic relief! I needed to hear that my crazy days just can't compete with yours sister