Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow and Ice

On Sunday night a gnarly ice storm hit the south. The stores supply of milk and bread were cleaned out, the streets were cleared, and daddy was on his way to work so that he wouldn't get snowed in the very next day. He was dedicated. Monday morning we woke up to 5 inches or so of snow. Or so we thought. We put on our snow suits and ventured out into the cold only to find that the 3 inches of snow was covered in an inch or 2 of ice. Ick! It was slippery and painful! I took the kids out anyway for just a bit while the baby slept.

It is now day three, schools are still cancelled, and there is no sign of the weather getting any better. It is supposed to be below freezing for the rest of the week and Cameron has to drive back and forth from work every day risking his life and car. Ugh, what a pain. I love the snow but not when it is accompanied by ice.

Daddy and DD ventured out yesterday for an hour or so exploring the woods. They even found cool light savers hidden in the snow away from the bad guys.

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coco said...

you are a great photog Brit! Cute pics