Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ahoy Mateys

On Saturday the Georgia Aquarium had Pirate Day. I decided to take all of my kids, by myself, with my friend (Lisa Anderson) and her son (Dylan's buddy) Jack. It was fantastic. The kids dressed up in whatever we could find, and they had a ball. They even got to walk in a parade!
Yes, Dylan is wearing Sydney's pants. Awesome.
"Yar...walk the plank"
"Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirates life for me"

This giant tank that they have NEVER gets old. The sea animals that they have in there are amazing. I am in love with the Whale shark and hammerhead. This other thing is pretty cool that a stingray?


T-Ray said...

They look so cute all dressed up as pirates! I love Pirate day and I also celebrated. :o)

coco said...

The kiddos look so cute as little pirates! I can't believe Macey is sucking her finger like you and CC did--weird genetics :) Awesome blogging girl

g-ma-ma said...

Looks like they are all ready for Halloween!