Sunday, September 5, 2010

School days, school days, good old golden rule days

Dylan started Pre-K this year at Central Elementary school. It was a tough decision for us to let him go everyday ALL DAY, but we wanted to give it a try and see how it went. Dylan LOVES it! And better yet, our family loves it. It has been great for Sydney to have one on one time with me for the first time ever. (Dylan had that for 2 years, it is now syds turn while the baby sleeps at home.) Also, Dylan is growing up and learning social skills and behavioral skills amongst groups. It is great in preparing him or big kid school next year.

Here is Dylan on Back to School night.

He is so proud. Here he is at his desk, with his first homework assignment (a family poster), and meeting his new "pretty" teacher Mrs. Shea.

Bus Day! On his first day of school we decided to let him go on the bus because he was SOOO excited. We had already met the teacher and showed him where he was going, so he wasn't scared at all. In fact, he even told us not to follow behind the bus (Cameron went anyway just in case he was nervouse when he got to school.) He was such a big boy, and so cute when the bus arrived.

It was an emotional day for me, seeing my boy all grown up and being independent. He has LOVED school so far, and still LOVES the bus. I wonder how long this will last since he has to wake up at the wake of dawn. We have missed the bus a few times already and he is the first to go running out to the car to catch it. Very cute. I am so proud of my Dylan. He is such a great example to his sisters and takes care of them as if they were his own. He actually told me when I was sick one morning, "mommy, maybe I will have to will have to just wait and go to school till Sydney can come with me. That way I can take care of her and make sure she doesn't go in the street." What a great big brother! I love you Dylan!

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coco said...

I love the pic of him holding his poster! He is such a good artist--his family portrait at the bottom is priceless. I'm so glad DD being in Pre-K is going so well!