Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Braves with Grandpa!

Dylan had never been to a Braves game before, so in great Grandpa West fashion, we went. Grandpa West is a huge baseball fan, and he used to take us all the time to the Dodger games growing up. So of course, when he came to town he wanted to take his grandson along.
We went early for hitting practice, but...nothin'.

Dylan is humoring his daddy by listening to him try and act like he knows anything about baseball.

Look at these two! So cute. Oh, and these seats are amazing too!

2 hours + a lot of money later = awesome shirt and hat and one psyched DD! Thanks Grandpa!

Dylan was up WAYYYY past his beadtime and past out before we drove out of the stadium grounds. He was beat.
Is there any question that this is my kid?

Thanks for a fantastic night Dad!

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