Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our new addition...

We got a dog! Marley is her name, and she is a shitzu/poodle mix. I can't believe I agreed to a dog, but she was free, and we were able to test drive her for a few weeks before officially taking her. She is perfect for our family, and SO good for the kids. We wanted her for a calming factor for Sydney, and a protector for Dylan (and the family) but mostly to be with Dylan downstairs at night. She also will be good in teaching service, and responsibility. She is perfect! We are so lucky that we got her. She is 10 months, nearly potty trained, and is the perfect little indoor dog.
The kids are in love with Marley. She sleeps in Dylan's bed with him at night, and plays with the kids throughout day. I have found that if I need a moment to cook or whatever, I can send them all downstairs, and they will play with that dog for hours. It is fantastic! I even can get Dylan to have quiet time for longer than an hour in his room on the weekends. That is a miracle! As long as Marley is with them, they are entertained. Oh, and you should hear Syd call out her name. cutest. Thing. Ever. "Marwee, Marwee"

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Jacki said...

Fun! I am always on the fence about getting a dog. I love the idea but I am so uneasy of the commitment. Let me know how it goes!

Also, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that area rug!!!