Sunday, September 5, 2010

My Sydney Girl

Despite my efforts, Sydney still sleeps on her floor, by the door. (Even if we fall asleep with her in her bed, as soon as we leave we will hear little footsteps run to her door.) Ever since the removal of her crib she refuses to sleep on any bed. Ugh, I hope she doesn't grow up having back issues. I just feel so bad for her, she doesn't even bring her blankets down with her...she kicks them off if I try to put them on. Could she be comfortable at all? No wonder she still wakes at 3 every night.
Here you see her little fingers sticking out. Sydney is funny, she has her own little routines for falling asleep and waking up. If these routines are interrupted in any way, then you are in for a few hours of pure crankiness. There is absolutely NO waking her up...(I hope this changes before school starts of her teachers will hate me (and her)).
Here is the deal, when she wakes up and starts talking, you have to wait until she tries to open her door herself, or until she starts crying. If you open the door when you see her hands sticking out and playing, or when you hear banging around, then she will cry ALL morning. No joke. It is very strange. Syd has to come out on her own terms. It is odd, but when we finally open the door for her, we open it barely and inch and walk away. If we stand there or go in she just screams at us and slams the door in our face. Moody much? She keeps us on our toes, that's for sure :)

How can anyone stay mad at a face like this. I guess her beauty sleep really does pay off. Isn't she gorgeous? She is so sweet with her sister too. I love watching her play with Macey and call her apple cream. She is such a great sister!
Her and DD are two peas in a pod when they are at home. They play (rougher than I would like), and even wrestle with one another. Sydney can even stand her own ground, it's hilarious. I love these two crazy kids!
Syds new favorite thing to do is to take everything out and then put it right back. It can be books, toys, stickers, or even cheerios (imagine my surprise when I see an entire bowl dumped out all over the kitchen floor...she dumps it on purpose and will clean up every last one. Not real clean, but whatever I mop....occasionally). My favorite is when I am trying to do something important. I give her a strip of stickers and she will spend an hour putting them all over me, then take them all off, over and over again.
I love you Sydney girl!

What a little model!


Kristine Pratt said...

loved reading all your updates! Do you do cloth diapers? You are amazing. Aren't kids funny with the stages they go through?

coco said...

CC is a crazy girl! I can't believe her morning routine! I love that you figured out the sticker thing!! So funny. Is she missing Dylan when he's gone at school?

Britney said...

yes Kristine I do use cloth diapers and love them! You would too, you just have to give them a chance. They save MAD money! They are great too!