Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Macey's milestones

Macey's latest:
Macey still sucks her fingers to soother herself. Its incredible! She also started rolling over on the 11th. Now that she can roll she is everywhere! I don't remember my other kids on the move so much, but she rolls into the kitchen, into the walls, she nearly rolled down the stairs the other day when I walked into another room for 30 sec. It was crazy! She is quick!\I just love these pictures. She has such dainty features. I can't stare at her enough!
We just started feeding her solids last week. She loves it much more than we do. How can I care about mess when I have a smile like this starting me down? Could she be any sweeter!? I love you Macey Jane!
Sydney has found her best friend. She really wants Macey to move and play with her during the day. Its sad but hilarious. She will grab Macey's hand and pick up toys with it, flip pages of her book with it, or just touch her hair with it. It is so cute. I hope they will be friends in the future!

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g-ma-ma said...

Oh my gosh they have both changed in the time we have been gone....can't wait to see you guys.