Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random Macey

Macey Jane is my most mellow baby to date. She is such a happy baby, it is unbelievable. Truly. She rarely cries, always sleeps, and is ALWAYS smiling the second you even look at her. I went a little overboard on pics, but I just can't post enough of her adorable smiling face!

For anyone that knows my nephew Casey, I think they look a lot alike in this picture. Crazy!

Here is my girl falling asleep on the floor. I am telling you, she doesn't even fuss much, she just passes out when shes tired and whines if shes wet. Sometimes I just forget to feed her because she rarely lets me know when she is hungry. She just makes a little bit of noise. It's funny. She is just SO good and EASY. (Knock on wood!)

No pacifier needed, she keeps herself busy gnawing on these suckers.

Bath time!

This is what she looks like when she is waking up. She's not the sour puss that I am...she must get this from her daddy.

I love you Macey Jane! You are turning 5 months in 5 days...where has all the time gone? Keep smilin' baby girl!

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coco said...

Wow I'm loving these pics! My favs are the bath time one and the last one. :) She does look like Casey in that one. Miss you Mace