Sunday, October 10, 2010

Music Man

While I was tucking Dylan into bed last night, he threw his Curious George stuffed animal on the ground and asked to sleep with Sydney's Minnie Mouse. He then went on to say that he didn't like Geogre anymore because the dog put a hole in his ear. This sparked quite a conversation about loving things that are tattered, and seeing the beauty within..blah, blah blah. Obviously it had no effect of Dylan as he started crying, now feeling bad, saying that he just doesn't want to sleep with him because of his hole. So, naturally I felt bad, I brought him Minnie, and I went and fixed George immediately. I came in a few minutes later with George, a little scarred, and gave him to DD. Wow, the face on that kid was priceless. Happiest. Moment. Ever! He put both of his stuffed animals next to him on his pillow and proceeded to give them a good night kiss. He then turned to me and said, "Mommy, I just love you so much. Tomorrow I am going to write you a song". He then felt George's ear and said, "hey, its a little hard and different". I then found every scar on his body to explain that he has a scar just like George. I even had him feel the scar tissue I have in my ear from my upper ear piercing years ago. (He was so excited that I had something in common with his favorite monkey.)

Anyway, the story goes on. I tucked him in feeling pretty proud of myself, and went upstairs. About 30 minutes later he comes up and says, "now, mommy and daddy, do NOT go in the office tonight ok? I have something berry special to show you in the morning." Goodnight Dylan.

Ok. So 20 minutes later again he comes upstairs and said, "mommy I can't get in the office, but I remembered the song that I wanted to write". After a frustrated mom calmed down, I brought him to the office to finish his song/word. I couldn't see, but I peaked a little. I watched him as he talked aloud trying to sound out a word "shy....". After finishing his word, he puts down his pen, (thinking hes alone) and throws his hands in the air whispering, "YES!" . He then got up and walked to his bed to goto sleep. Goodnight Dylan, "goodnight mommy, I just love you so much".


After church today he runs to get his songs that he wrote and brings them to me standing tall and looking proud. He says, "mommy, I think I really spelled a real word". As he showed it to me he said, "look, I sounded out Turkey and really made (wrote) a real word". I was so proud. I then asked him where he learned to write music notes and he said, "I saw then at Heidi's house on her piano, and so I knew how to write music". "What are these other words that you spelled? "I don't know, I don't think they are real words, but I just used my imagination".
Dylan then sits at the piano and asks me to lead the music or, in his words, ("move your arm like this, like my teacher does in church") while he played. He began playing and was in a zone. He played all three songs, and on the last one said, "this is my loving song that I wrote for you, its the prettiest song, and it has a heart at the end that means I love you".

I have to say, this will be one of my all time favorite memories of my son. He blew me away on so many levels, I can't even begin to describe the emotions I felt/feel. How amazing it is to be a part of his development, and see what an incredible individual he is becoming. I couldn't be prouder, or weepier *sniff sniff*

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coco said...

Very sweet and impressive. He's a pretty smart little guy. What a lucky mommy kind of day!