Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Wests are Here!

Tim (my brother), Angela, Sammy, and Audrey have finally arrived! Tim and Angela are celebrating their tenth anniversary this year and they came to visit with us for a few days before leaving their kids with me and going to Jamaica. I am so excited for them and happy that they can have some much needed alone time. Here are some random pics of their first few days:
Dylan and Audrey of course playing princesses...should I start being wierded out over this? Dylan even knows how to pose and hold out his dress for a picture.
Mmmmm, yummm!
An afternoon at the little water park in town. The kids loved it! Timmy and Sammy!
The kids have been having a blast between the bitty pool, and the slip-n-slides at our house. I am sure I will have many more water pictures to come.That's our little Audrey girl. Could her smile be any more infectious?I love this one, the kids are having so much fun together!
Stay tuned for more!

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