Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The 3rd of July!

Our city does a big forth of July festival type thing on the third every year. It was so much fun! The fireworks were great, the company was awesome, the music was good, and the kids loved it all.
Daddy and CC. What you didn't see was what was on the front on the flags shirt which read "Rednecks for Obama" What what....WOOT! You don't see that too often in the South.We had to ask him to be in our picture. We were so proud!We did our best to keep the kids entertained. Tip to remember: sheets are life saver! We could swing them, hide them, fan them, etc. The kids were in H-E-A-V-E-N!Yummy Italian ice tonguesEverybody wants mommy...I can share can't I? Apparently not!The kids were fascinated by the black hawk! Dylan could hardly keep it together, he was screaming and squealing nonstop.The sparklers were a hit until Audrey dropped hers and started a little fire on the blanket. Poor girl, she was timid the rest of the night.
Family time at the fireworks. Sydney was 100 times better than she was last year. She babbled the entire time, it was so cute...but a little annoying to the people around us. Last year she screamed and screamed and continued even after we got home, it was so traumatizing! We figured she was old enough this time and used to noise (she does live around the Mounts and Silvas doesn't she :)

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