Monday, July 20, 2009

Quote of the day

Recently Dylan has begun volunteering to pray...for everything. Most of the time he is mumbling, but I can always hear a few words in there such as, "bless grandma and grandpa to feel better", "thank you for today", and some random things like "bless the lemonade", etc. Before we pray for dinner I always remind him to bless the food. For a while there he would yell back at me that he would NOT bless the food, (he has hit that stage where when I ask him to do something he wants to do the opposite). But the last time I asked him to do this, this was his response:

Mommy: Don't forget to bless the food buddy.
Dylan: (In a somewhat annoyed voice) Why do I have to bless the food? Heavenly Father didn't make it. You made it mommy, and he didn't even help you.
Mommy: Heavenly Father gave us the food so that we could make it.
Dylan: No he didn't! The buyer man brings it to the store where we get it.

I thought this was pretty clever. What a smarty pants!


Katie said...

LOL! He is too smart for his own good!

Jacki said...

Can't pull any quick ones on that kid. So funny!