Thursday, July 16, 2009

Three Toddlers and a Baby

This last week I was given the opportunity to watch my niece Audrey and nephew Sam while their parents went to Jamaica for their ten year anniversary. I was a bit nervous about it, but I have to say, it went so much better than I thought it would. Of course there were moments of total frustration, but for the most part, it was really great. The kids just played together and kept each other busy, and when things started to get a little rough we would have a dance party, play a game, or have quiet time apart. Easy Peesy! It was funny, the kids liked being here so much that in order to get them to keep playing well together I threatened them with the idea that they would have to go back to California if they didn't get along. This worked wonders as they would all say out, "but we wanna stay here with you", and Dylan would say, "but I don't want them to go". It always ended with hugs and "I loves you" to each other, so that they could stay here together longer. They truly all loved being around each other, it was awesome.

I didn't really think to take many pictures while they were gone, mainly because we just stayed home and played in the water all week. I took hundreds of slip-n-slides pictures, but we have posted a lot already haven't we?
What is better than coming in after a long day of cold water and sitting in a warm bathtub? The kids insisted on this everyday. On the morning that Tim and Angela flew in, we took the kids to the Olympic park in Atlanta to meet up with my dad who had flown in. The kids loved it even though the water was pretty cold. It was fun to see Sam and Audrey follow each other around everywhere. They never let the other out of their sight. It is very sweet.Before driving to the airport to see their parents, we stopped in for an ice dream cone at Chik-fil-e. YUM! All was good and well until right as I was pulling into the airport Sammy threw up. I felt so terrible for him, and so bad that his parents came home from an awesome vacation to see him like that. It was so sad, but I was so glad that it happened when they were there as opposed to them being on vacation. Dyan has had the same little fever the last two days since they left, it must have just been going around...but the timing for Sammy was impecable. Since The West's left Dylan wakes up asking for them, and asking if he can go on an airplane to California. I am so glad that Dylan has cousins and friends his age to grow up with. It makes visiting so much fun!


Jacki said...

Wow! So that is what it must feel like having triplets. Exhausting, but still fun I am sure. At what age does having kids over make your job easier because they are all just playing perfectly together? Is it like when they are 10 or something?

g-ma-ma said...

Britney I can tell you did a great job....maybe you should open a preschool!!!! But....four days with family is a lot different. Anyway, good job!!!! I know all four kids will remember that week for many, many years.

joyiseverywhere said...

Hahah, holy crap that is familiar. I don't know how our parents did it! And with 9 of us at times!