Monday, July 6, 2009

The Silva's, Mounts, and Curtis's at Pine Mountain

Cameron and I were finally able to convince the Silva's and Curtis's that they needed to take their kids to Pine Mountain Animal Safari. We went a couple of months back with some friends and LOVED it, so we thought it would make for a fun family day. Unfortunately the giraffes weren't out but we still had fun without them.
Sydney was a bit more into it this time...but not my much. Dylan was actually much more scared (probably because of my screaming when the drool was dripping down my arm). Yuck!
Andrew was the only one other than Cameron who was bold enough to feed by mouth, I was quite impressed! Those animals could bite that nose right off!
Sammy was fearless! Check him out feeding that thing, that is my kind of kid!
After feeding the animals we went to have some lunch ourselves...
I LOVE this picture. Reagan took the kids out to give them a "talking to" about respecting their mom. Look at all the kid with their heads down, it was so funny to watch them try and come up with the right answers to Reagan's questions.Andrew and Logan could not be any cuter with Sydney. They are so good with her! Love you boys!Here I am trying to kiss a cow. Don't ask.We went for one last drive around the park before leaving and these were the chots that I got. This prehistoric looking animal FREAKS me out. He pecks so fast, you arne't sure what exactly he is peacking at. At one point some food fell between Ed's legs and oh man, lets just say, It was a VERY close call.Family Photos


shar said...

That is an awesome blog entry!!!! I loved all your pictures. That ostrich is as big as their minivan!!! GEEZ! The pic of Andrew and Syd is so cute. I love Andrews looks when he has a baby. My favorite. Great job BRIT!!!

Katie said...

AWESOME! So glad you got to go again. I was laughing to myself while looking at the pics because I know the feeling! So nasty!