Monday, July 20, 2009

Roller Skating Frenzy!

A friend of mine threw an old school roller skating party at the roller rink in town called Dazzles. Could there be a more perfect name for a roller rink? I love it! Cameron wanted to dress up eighties, but bailed out when he realized he would be the only one sporting a head band and tight cutoff's. It's too bad, he would have been so HOT! Especially with his hair right now...dude...too, too bad.

Anyhow, it was Dylan's first time skating! They actually had little skates that fit him and that had been slowed down (around the wheels) so that he wouldn't fall as much. He loved it! He did fall a bit, but he would never let us help him up or even hold his hand. He is soooo independent, I never really knew that. He also didn't get down on himself for falling, he just kept right at it. It was awesome! He reminds me of me when I was a kid. Here he is with his friend Jack.Sydney even loved the rink! We were allowed to push her in her stroller, so that was awesome. I love this video because it shows her rocking out to Michale Jackson, how fitting right? She is such a little dancer. I am telling you, the second I start singing, or have music on she is bobbing back and forth...she has such great rythm!


Katie said...

How fun! That video was too cute! :)

Jacki said...

I totally wish you guys dressed up 80s! We would have done it too. Brooks has a killer old school adidas headband and a matching jumpsuit. Holler! Next time for sure!