Tuesday, April 5, 2011

She walks!

Macey began walking about two weeks ago. I think today she has officially mastered it! She might just be my first child to walk before her first birthday, which is tomorrow!
She is clapping and waving too!

She (along with mama and dada), says Grandma (nana), when she sees Grammalaine.

She also likes to play "baby" with Sydney. Not so much the part where Sydney shoves a bottle down her throat, or when Sydney tries to get her dressed, just the part where she gets to be the baby in the bed and go nigh nigh.

(And yes, I really do dress my child...for the most part)


Kristine Pratt said...

love that last picture! can't believe she is a year old tomorrow! and don't worry, hayden is always naked :)

coco said...

Yea! A Mount walks slighly before 1 yr old! GO Macers. She reminds me a lot of when Cameron was a baby in that walking video--mainly because you can't really see her face very clearly. Close up she is all you...look at those gorgeous eyes. And that crib shot is priceless.