Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Grandma Minnie

My kids are so lucky to have 4 living great grandparents. Grandma Minnie, Grandma Lavee, Grandma Johnson and Grandpa Jim. I didn't have any growing up, and they have 4! Along with all of the great wisdom and love that these relatives have to offer, they too have their amazing talents (mostly in the form of homemade things). Grandma Minnie just turned 90 a couple weeks ago and you know what? She is still knitting away! I always love getting handmade goodies in the mail, especially the latest ones. The girls received these dresses for their birthdays and I LOVE them. Grandma Lavee also sent crocheted blankets to every single one of my kids this last year too! Where do they find the time and energy!? It is beyond me!

Here are the dresses:

Come on, like these dresses aren't amazing! I have my very own Cabbage Patch dolls! Thanks Grandma Minnie!

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