Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Girls!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful girls!
We had a joint party at the park for the two of them since they are only 4 days apart on the calendar. It worked out great!

Sydney is now 3 and Macey is 1! Can you believe it!?
The cake was a big hit thanks to Ali. She offered to make them and I was more than happy to oblige. Look how awesome they were! Sydney looked at hers and said, "ooh look at that" and then quickly grabbed it with her fingers. Priceless.
The before (above), and the after (below)
Macey took well to her cake too, (I think better than any of my other kids). She knew exactly what to do with it and she went to town.

I think she liked it.
PRESENTS! Macey opened up some really fun stuff...super cute clothes, toys, a cuddletunes bear, some dresses including a homemade dress from Grandma Minnie. How special!

Syd opened up her first skates and scooter, some Minnie mouse stuff, a munchichi (compliments of Ali of course), some clothes, a cuddle bear, princesses, books, a baby backpack, and Grandma Minnie's homemade dress that she made. Oh and matching swim suits (on the next post). The girls made out with lots of fun stuff. Syd didn;'t have a whole lot of reaction, but she did get the idea of presents and enjoyed opening them. Every now and again she would say in a low tone voice, "oooh look at dat". It was sweet.
Grammaline got the girls matching suits and cover ups for summer! LOVE THEM!

It was a long day for Syd. What a way to celebrate, zoo then a party at the park! They were zonked by the end of the day!

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