Monday, April 11, 2011

Lazy days...

Here are just some random pics from our lazy spring days.

The zoo pass is a must for any of you Atlantians. We love it, and go often around this time of year. Dylan's working on his hops and attempting some Jedi training. Still no injuries in the bouncy house, and still, it is the greatest gift ever. My kids love this thing!
Dylan is in LOVE with his kitty costume given to us by Maddie Mount. He sleeps, eats and pees in it (only when he's not fast enough to take it all the way off). Here is D's latest star wars creation (a parking garage for his ship).
My beautiful Sydney and her enormous "edodant". I think she is convinced it is a chair. (She gets upset when it doesn;t hold her enitre body and tips over).
Just another typical afternoon, Dylan painting Sydney's (and his own) toenails. Precious.
My sweet Repunzel. I think Dylan's gender is a bit Tangled. Haha...get it? That was a good one.
It is not very often, but sometimes, just sometimes, we can still get some snuggles with our Macey girl.

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coco said...

Oh these pics are the best! How is it that sucking certain fingers is a genetic thing??? Weird/cool if you ask me!