Sunday, April 10, 2011

Curtis's Spring Break

The Curtis's came over spring break and we had a LOT of fun! Who doesn't have fun with them? Dylan finally had his best friend, here, in his house! He loves his cousin Charlotte! (He has a picture of her next to him on his bedside table that he looks at nearly every night :) Luckily, Charlotte was able to spend the night with us, and play with Dylan EVERY DAY since I took him out of school.

We went to the park:

We went to the pool:

We went and played on G-mama's and G-papa's lake:

We played volleyball, and went to Logan's pinewood derby:

And of course, we went to the Animal Safari (our favorite place in Ga):

Jim decided to grab the neck of an ostrich so as to pet him and not be pecked. Classic!

Cameron found his match, in drool and height.

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Kristine Pratt said...

The animal safari looks AMAZING! We're definitely going to have to go there!