Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let the parties begin!

Sydney was invited to her first of MANY princess parties. I am not sure who was more excited, Sydney, myself, or Dylan. It was so much fun, and I foresee at least a dozen more princess parties in my future. Let the fun begin! I love having little girlie girls (and boys).
Even little Tink decided to join us

Cameron was at work this day, so my friend told me to bring my other kids along. Dylan was so excited to be a princess, but we quickly gave him a sheild and had him be the Prince Charming of the party. He was happy and definitely a good sport about it all even shouting at the end of the party, "mom I didn't even have to go last at everything like you said!"
Don't think I am not stealing this castle idea for Syd's next party. Love it!
The Princesses on a horse in their little dresses!? Priceless!
I love being a mom on days like these! It is so much fun to see my kids light when they use their imaginations. It was so sweet, and magical!

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