Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trip to the Dentist

Dylan had his first trip to the dentist today. He was such a good boy. He was actually happy the entire time, can you believe it? Here he is holding his "straw sucker" and helping the Dr., I wish I could be that happy at the dentists office.Way to go DD, you get two treats!

Meanwhile at home, Sydney was busy eating and making a monster of a mess.


coco said...

Wow what a stud! I can tell Dylan charmed the lady at the dentist office! She just loves him to pieces! Did he come up w/ the "straw sucker" name? I wouldn't be surprised. And Sydney makes every picture cute. Speaking of, have you heard from the Regis show yet?

T-Ray said...

Brit! I just found your blog through Jim's blog! Your kids have grown so much! They are so cute. I totally added your blog link to my blog so I can keep in touch better. Glad to see things are going well.

g-ma-ma said...

what is Sydney eating? It doesn't look like a veggie cookie!!! :)