Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Dylan!

Dylan turned 3 yesterday and what a day it was. First of all it was Valentines Day, and what is better than a day dedicated to love? The day started off with our traditional Valentines breakfast (made by me of course) @ which time I serenaded my man with a song I had been practicing for weeks. (Don't bother asking what song it was, that is going to be kept private between us, but just know that this is a big deal for me since I am NOT a public singer, or singer at that.) I stuttered all the way through due to nervousness, but in the end, the message got through and we both had tears in our eyes. Cameron then read me a poem that he had written for me, and it was beautiful, I love when he writes things to me. He is such a romantic!

Dylan's birthday began soon after the v-day celebrations. We had him open his presents from us and his Grandma and Grandpa West. Look at this cool computer game that he got from the grandma and grandpa. It is so cool, and will really help him with his ABC's. Mommy and DD are both happy about that!Dylan along with some little things also got his first bike from us. Check out his video, he was pretty excited and can already ride it great.

After playing around at home for a little while we took off to Dylan's birthday party at Jumpin Joeys, an inflatable playplace. There we met the Mounts, the Silvas, G-mama and G-papa, and Dylan's friend Quinn . This is Dylan's favorite place in town, since he gets to jump and run and never have bruises to show for it in the end. Mommy and Daddy also are allowed to jump with him too and that makes it extra special.
The kids played for a couple hours and then we had cake and opened presents. Check out this years cake, I don't know what Dylan's obsession with Spiderman is about (he has never even seen the movies or cartoons), but that is all he wanted for his birthday.After the festivities Cameron and I got a babysitter (finally after two months) and went out for the night. It was a miracle! It was a great day and we were reminded of all the love and blessings that we have in our lives.


g-ma-ma said...

You are right -- it was a great day. And the cake -- WOW!!! you did a great job Britney! In a few days Dylan will be saying "'member when I got a Spiderman cake?" :)
He is soooooo cutie!

coco said...

Great post....I feel like I was there! Love ya (Cameron told me about the song!)

Jim Mount said...

This was a great BB party. I love how our family gathers and shares the love with everyone. Elaine and I are sure having fun in Georgia!

Anonymous said...

That is the sweetest thing! I bet you have a beautiful voice. I can't imagine anything that the West's can't do well!

Happy Birthday (late) Dylan!!