Friday, February 13, 2009

"I meed my soupcase mommy"

Dylan had his first sleepover last night at g-mama and g-papas house. They had all the boys (Conner, Jordan, Andrew, Logan and Dylan) over for a big night of male bonding. Dylan loved it and was so excited to pack his "soupcase". I can't say enough how awesome it is living so close to family. I love that Dylan gets to grow up next to some of his cousins and grandparents and have family sleepovers like I had growing up. We spent so much time with the Daly's and I have so many great memories with them, and grandma too (two vanilla cookies every time).


coco said...

I love little kid language...remember maddie, "that's biscusting!" And livvy..."happy derbay"
Cute soupcase DD!

Britney said...

Haha I loved "biscusting"! And I miss Dylans "Missmass tree".

g-ma-ma said...

Dylan was such a big boy at the sleepover and took part in ALL the games and activities. He didn't mind if he couldn't actually do it, he just had lots of fun trying. It was a very fun those grandsons!!!