Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look Out American Idol

Cameron was so proud this morning as Dylan sang with him on Guitar Hero. What a rock star! He even memorized the chorus. That's my boy!


Jacki said...

Dylan is at such a fun age! I am expecting him to know "Stronger" by Kanye the next time I see him.

Cameron said...

I have great respect for Dylan's ability to memorize, and his choice of music. I will get to work on Kanye, and any other requests people might have.

Anonymous said...


Oh man. I can't wait to do this with Rocket! He already coos along when I play the piano. It's hilarious. The louder I play, the louder he coos. And he stops when I stop. Awesome.

coco said...

No way...very impressive D-man! Classic video I have already watched several times ;o)
My request: PYT

g-ma-ma said...

WOW -- It seems that Dylan was even ahead of Daddy on some of those lyrics -- good job!!!
Oh, and also....good footwork on the cords DD!!