Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More Updates

I am sorry that I am not posting regularly anymore, and especially that my posts are so depressing to read. These last few months have just taken their toll on me and I don't have many positive things to say. Isn't that horrible? I know that there are positive things, I am just not in the place to see them or care to see them right now. My emotions are just out of control these days. I know many people may not understand how hard it really is to hold your baby and see her go through this, but it is extremely hard to watch. It is equally as hard not having any answers or solutions. As I was researching this week I came across this paragraph which validated my extreme thoughts and emotions regarding this whole thing:


"Generalized tonic-clonic seizures often begin with the child contracting his arm muscles, turning his head and eyes to the side and falling. His A chest muscles may tighten and force air from his lungs so he makes a sound before the fall. Additionally, his jaw might tighten, he might stop breathing , his limbs might jerk, and his lips might turn blue. He'll lose consciousness and you might fear that he is dying."

As extreme as it may be, this is how I feel every time that I see Sydney seize. It is getting tiring and is wearing on both Cameron and myself. Luckily I have a great support system out here and I can't thank them all enough for helping us and being so understanding.

Anyway, as for Sydneys update:

Syd had another siezure on friday where they uped her meds, again. Yesterday morning, she had yet another seizure so we went to Atlanta to meet with the Pediatric Neurologist. We still are scheduled to run some tests on the 19th, but until then the doctor is trying to figure out which medicine is going to stop these seizures. At this point, Sydney is on her third medicine and we are hoping that it will cease the seizures with the least amount of side effects possible, (since the other two meds were causing severe irritability and insomnia). So lets hope this one works!

Also, the last two seizures that she has had have been much different from all of the other ones, and for that reason the doc seems more concerned. She was having generalized seizures up until this week and these last two have been complex partial seizures. I could exaplain what that all means, but...I am not going to. Look it up if you are interested.

I will keep you posted. The Doc is truing to get her EEG test moved up so if we go in before the 19th I will let yall know. Please be thinking positive thoughts! We need prayers and good thoughts coming our way right now!


Katie said...

I am sending positive thoughts and prayers right now! I hope you guys get some good news soon. Love you!

Ashley Haug, Conditioning Specialists and First Step Fitness said...

Just remembering what it was like for Mckenzie with Tristan and his seizures, it breaks my heart to think of you and Sydney going through this. I am praying for you that you and she will have the strength and stamina to get through this!


coco said...

Please please let me know when you get in for the EEG!
Love you